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The trendy men’s suit

Suits play a part in either breaking or making your style credential. From disguising a few pounds to making you look taller, it’s an investment that’s worth considering. Suits can be dated back in the 15th and 16th century and have become a trademark till now. Here are just a few trends in the three piece suit you should know;

The canvassing option


This most important part to look out for in any suit is the canvassing option. Canvassed suits would mostly feature layers of materials that are between the inner lining and outer fabric of the jacket. You can also have it in half-canvassed. In this design, you will have canvasses featuring at the top part of the jacket. The half-canvassed greatly reduces the cutting costs and have superior drape compared to full canvas.

The collar and lapel

The collar and lapel come in three different types which are the notch, shawl, and peak. The peak is considerably expensive to make compared to the other designs. This is more of a formal look and comes with a wider shoulder effect. It’s advisable to go for the smaller peaks if you are slim or larger peaks for, the larger men. The lapel design is common especially when pieced up on a single breast suit. The lapel design comes either as top or shawl lapel and gets its heritage from Victorian upper class.

The fit design

When it comes to the fit design, there are some things you should know. The shoulder part of the suit is both natural and neat. Also, the sleeves and arm fall from the shoulders tip to the edge of the wrist. The trouser comes in a medium break design. This is where the pants fall off your shoes. If you are looking to avoid being clumsy, a slim trouser can finish on the shoes.

A shorter breaker is a perfect trend for those looking for a cropped and straight-legged look. The length of the jacket finishes not longer than mid-way down and is shorter top of your backside. What makes this trendy suit even super is the lengthy sleeve finish. The sleeve length perfectly finishes nine centimeters off the thumbs knuckles. This provides a perfect way to show off a nicely patterned shirt or cufflinks

The plaid suit


This design was considered casual and preppy. However, tailors have fashioned the old look and made it into a stand out party attire. Darker wool is most accepted if you are looking to clad for a formal occasion or winter seasons.