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Five FAQs Asked To Dental Orthodontist

In order to understand the difference between a dental orthodontist and a dentist, let me give you a short description. An orthodontist specializes in teeth and jaw alignment using nonsurgical procedures and treat or prevent malocclusion typically referred to as bad bites. They can also act as dentists, but their field of dental knowledge is vast. In some cases, a dentist may refer a patient to an orthodontist especially in cases that require teeth strengthening and jaw retraining, for example, braces and wires placement and collective appliances. Visit the plano orthodontist website for more details.  Below are some of the frequently asked questions for a dental orthodontist:

FAQs orthodontists are asked

How many visits will I be required to Schedule?

Many cases of orthodontics may take anywhere between one to three years of treatment depending on the severity of individual patient’s case and the treatment plan. A patient should expect anything between a year or two of adjustments and retention check ups. This question is important to know what to do in between appointments.


Is it necessary for me to change my brushing habits?

During brushing, people with braces are shown how to be tilting the toothbrushes for the bristles to reach under the braces. Very keen and careful brushing of teeth with braces is important to avoid tooth decay and the development of white spots on the teeth enamel when the braces are removed.

Will I experience any pain when getting braces?

Whether a Dermatologist or an Orthodontist or any other human body specialist, expect the pain question to come up during a consultation. The orthodontist will explain to the patient exactly what the procedure will take place and reassure them that if there will be any pain, it will be minimal and for a very short period. A good orthodontist will show you how to manage the pain.

How long will I have to wear the braces

This is a natural and normal concern for patients all over. Like I explained before, the period of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the case. During a consultation, your orthodontist will evaluate the jaw and teeth alignment and will explain the length of treatment.


What other options do I have?

Teeth and jaw alignment has a variety of treatment methods. You will be presented with different options to choose from ranging from invisible braces and the traditional metal braces. A patient can make a decision based on the cost or your comfort and the length of time the treatment is expected to take.